Unvented Cylinders for the Professional Heating and Plumbing Engineer.

ThermaQ Unicyl range is the first choice for value while providing superior performance.

Trouble free installation

Immersion heater options

6kw and 12kw Incoloy or 3kw, 6kw and 12kw titanium immersions heaters can be supplied as optional extras. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Direct Indirect Indirect Solar Direct Solar
Cold Water Inlet Set * * * *
15 x 22m Tundish * * * *
Fitted Temperature
and Pressure Relief
* * * *
Expansion Vessel and Bracket * * * *
Immersion Heaters * * * *
2 Port Zone Valve * *
Dual Thermostat * *
Energy Cut-Out Thermostat * *
Instruction Manual * * * *

The Unicyl range comes complete with all the fittings you will need for a complete trouble free installation.

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Download the Unicyl Brochure


All performance testing in accordance with BS EN 12897:2006. Heat up 150C to 600C. Primary flow 800C @ 15Lpm.
* Solar Twin Coil heat-up times are for boiler coil.
** Where cylinders is fitted with multiple immersion heaters, performance is for lower 3kW heater. *** Upper Coil/Lower Coil.
SC: Single Coil



Twin Coil

Solar Direct