Underfloor Heating System For New Builds 2019

Underfloor Heating System For New Builds 2019

Developing New Builds in 2019 With ThermaQ


Everything we do at ThermaQ is about being committed to providing the very best heating and hot water solutions combined with excellent customer service. We have invested significantly in the latest manufacturing technology and systems to develop robust and automated processes that ensure we produce the best heating and hot water systems across the UK.


New builds UK 2019. ThermaQ supply heating and hot water solutions at industry leading level. Supplying underfloor heating, heat pumps, hot water cylinders and energy renewable sources such as solar thermal. Developers in 2019 looking to fit out new builds with energy efficient heating and hot water solutions work with ThermaQ.

ThermaQ can provide bespoke designs for each project. Each heating and hot water system is designed to work with all new builds. Whether the development requires underfloor heating systems or hot water cylinders, ThermaQ manufactures industry leading heating and hot water solutions to fit any application.


With demand for underfloor heating systems constantly rising, developers are expecting increasing demand in 2019.


ThermaQ stock and supply industry leading underfloor heating systems such as screed underfloor heating systems, suspended floor and floating floor.


Find below underfloor heating options available for all new builds.


ThermaQ’s Underfloor Heating Systems


Evo Clip & Rail

Evo Clip

Evo Plate

Evo Struct

Therma-Teq Lite

Evo Board

Evo Screed

Evo Matt


We stock a wide range of underfloor pipe fixing systems designed to work with any type of floor construction. Here you will find an overview of the systems available for different project types. We have provided a handy selection guide over the next few pages to demonstrate the different types available. These comprise of solid screed floors, suspended floors and floating ‘retro-fit’ floors. Our experienced staff can guide you and advise on the most suitable fixing system for your project. ThermaQ are supplying building developers in 2019 with industry leading underfloor heating systems. Each underfloor heating system is designed and manufactured to a bespoke level. Underfloor heating UK costs, underfloor heating UK 2019.

Hot Water Cylinders

ThermaQ manufacture all domestic cylinders using Duplex stainless steel. Duplex has been selected against other materials such as copper, glass lined mild steel and lesser grades of stainless steel due to its substantially higher tensile strength and because it is a low carbon, high chromium content alloy.


It allows ThermaQ’s hot water cylinders to be produced using thinner walls resulting in a lighter unit and offers a superior resistance to all forms of corrosion including, pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.


When welding our cylinders a backing gas is used to ensure deep welding penetration and a clean internal weld surface. This ensures the welded area has the same corrosion resistance and mechanical strength as the parent metal.


ThermaQ supply a wide range of hot water cylinders with the most famous being the Ecocyl family range.


Find below all hot water cylinders available for new builds.


ThermaQs Hot Water Cylinders


Evocyl Standard

Evocyl Slimline

Evocyl Horizontal

Evocyl Super Eco

Ecocyl Heatpump Cylinders

Evocyl Calorifier

Evocyl Pre-Plumbed


TermaQ manufacture industry leading heating and hot water solutions. Developers in 2019 looking to develop new builds in 2019 partner with ThermaQ for reliable heating and hot water solutions. Thermaq supplies hot water cylinders to new builds in 2019. Hot water cylinders by ThermaQ are supplied to the UK for new builds.

Why New Builds Work With ThermaQ in 2019

To find a reliable heating and hot water solutions manufacture in the UK is one thing. To find one who provides the same quality of products throughout each system, whilst being cost effective with the back up and customer service is another.


When developing new builds in 2019, ThermaQ will work with developers providing the perfect underfloor heating system and hot water cylinder solution for each build. All of ThermaQ’s heating systems comply with todays energy efficiency regulations and are manufactured with premium materials and todays technologies.


In today’s challenging consumer driven market place ThermaQ aim to respond rapidly to all the demands asked of our business. ThermaQ manufactures leading underfloor heating systems and hot water cylinders across the UK and our customer service is no different.


Benefits of Working With ThermaQ On New Builds in 2019


Anything from customer care support, quotations or a technical or delivery query, we have a same day reply policy. We understand when developing new builds, having impeccable service from manufactures is priceless. ThermaQ are proud and stand by our reputation.


We also aim to set a high standard with our logistical partners by holding enough stock that will be available for next day delivery as standard. As a distributor this means you are able to supply the full range of ThermaQ products promptly and as an engineer you can quickly respond to your customer’s requirements.


For any information regarding developing new builds in 2019, do not hesitate to get in touch with ThermaQ and one of our experienced members of staff will be happy to help.


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