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Gas Boiler Ban for New Builds from 2025

Gas Boiler Ban in Favour of Renewables

Following recommendations from the Independent Committee on Climate Change, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, recently announced a ban on gas boilers for all new homes, from 2025. Various ways of reducing fossil fuel as an energy source in new builds, have been mooted before, but an outright ban within 6 years, puts the measure in a formal setting. While gas for cooking will still be allowed for the foreseeable future, gas heating systems will not be a feature in new homes from 2025. The gas ban is part of an effort to reduce carbon emissions, as part of the UK’s role in tackling climate change. Up to 14% of emissions come from housing and a lot of the increase in home emissions, comes from gas boilers. So what will replace gas and what will builders and developers be installing as alternatives to gas heating?

Lower Emission Heating at Home

There are a range of options for heating your home, outside of traditional fossil fuels. Low carbon heating systems are not expensive options, when put into new builds. Retro-fitting costs more, but both options provide homeowners with energy saving and cost cutting heating. Heat pumps are increasingly effective and are becoming a go-to choice for homeowners.  Underfloor heating has also come a long way in recent years and provides substantial heat at lower temperatures. Insulation is also key to maintaining ambient temperatures at home. Advances in insulation technology have meant that heat loss is less of an issue for householders. Making sure that you have an efficient hot water cylinder also goes a long way to cutting bills and reducing energy consumption.

All new builds have to have a renewable energy source. In 2025, the removal of gas central heating from new homes will mean that there will be an even bigger emphasis on renewable energy. Energy efficiency will also be paramount in cutting down on emissions. Of course, it benefits the consumer too, with lower bills into the future.

Heat Pumps & Underfloor Heating Options

In the Chancellor’s Spring Statement, alternatives to gas, such as heat pumps, are recommended to help reduce carbon emissions. Air source heat pumps which extract energy from outside, transferring it as heat to inside your home, are already becoming a mainstay in new builds. The heat pump uses the heat from ambient air, a free and renewable energy source. Heat pumps can also be integrated with radiators, underfloor heating systems and solar thermal systems.

Another good reason to consider moving to a heat pump sourced system is the availability of govt. grants for installing the pumps. You can find out more about the grant scheme here.

Underfloor heating typically runs at a much lower temperature than that required by radiators. It therefore uses less energy, keeping costs down, often saving between 15-20% on running costs. It can also be installed within a variety of different floor constructions. The different floor constructions comprise of solid screed floors, suspended floors and floating floors.

There are a lot of options other than gas heating and with the advances in technology, the renewable options can save your money in the long run as well as helping you cut down on your carbon footprint.

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Comfort and Cost Savings with Underfloor Heating

Comfort, Space and Savings

There is a real comfort in being able to walk around your home in your bare feet when there are below zero temperatures outside. But aside from the obvious comfort, what are the other benefits of having underfloor heating? We take a look at all the upsides, from energy saving to design to freeing up space in your home. So, what are the hidden benefits of underfloor heating?

Save Energy and Money

Two very good reasons to install underfloor heating are energy and money savings. Once you’ve got your new heating system up and running, the savings can be substantial. For a start, a good underfloor heating (UFH)  system can work to its optimum at low water temperatures. This in turn improves the efficiency, cutting down on energy use. It’s also an ideal match for renewable energy heat sources. By using less energy, you’ll also cut down on heating running costs.

Design and Decor Freedom

One of great things about underfloor heating is the design freedom it gives you. No radiators means more floor space and room to design fixtures and fittings without having to take into consideration bulky rads or covers. It also means that you don’t have to think about furniture blocking heat sources. It also takes the hassle out of repainting or wallpapering.

Comfortable, Clean and Safe

A quality UFH system heats up quickly and evenly, giving you comfort throughout the home or building. Radiators focus the heat in one area, whereas underfloor heating provides you with a comfortable heat throughout a room. The radiant heat provided provides a balance of warmth in the air, which cuts down on the feeling of dry air, skin and eyes.

On a practical level, UFH is clean. You avoid having to clean radiators and there is no dust gathering in the gaps in the rads or between them and the wall or floor surface. Warming the floor reduces the occurrence of dust mites, so UFH can be of real benefit to people at risk of allergies.

Easy to Install & Low Maintenance

Underfloor heating is suitable for nearly every project type and the Therma-TeQ product portfolio has a system type to suit every floor construction.  Therefore there is no reason why your new build or refurb  couldn’t put UFH as a priority. It’s also a great investment if you ever considering moving or selling on, as underfloor heating is a bonus for buyers.

Therma-TeQ Underfloor Heating

At ThermaQ we provide state of the art UFH with our Therma-TeQ system. Simple to install and easy to use, all of our underfloor heating systems come with manuals demonstrating everything you need to know. We’ve technical experts on hand based throughout the country who can provide on-site backup as well as technical and design support on future projects. Therma-TeQ’s designers produce a detailed CAD design layout to illustrate every aspect of the system and ensure that the installation can take place efficiently and to suit the install schedule.

If you are thinking about installing underfloor heating and would like to know a bit more about our underfloor heating system, Therma-TeQ, or to obtain a free no-obligation quote, you can contact us using our online form or you can email: design@therma-teq.co.uk. You can also phone us on 033 022 02929 and one of our experts will be delighted to chat to you.