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Hot Water Association Launches New Consumer Guide

In the first of its kind, the Hot Water Association (HWA) has launched a new consumer guide, giving homeowners essential information on keeping hot water cylinders in their best condition. The Homeowners Guide to Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Servicing gives consumers a handle on when to have cylinders serviced, who to contact and how to know that a good job has been done.

The HWA is recognised as the leading organisation, when it comes to domestic hot water storage. It’s also involved in the promotion of good standards within the industry. A division of the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), it works with manufacturers, installers and agents alike, in promoting quality work and services in the sector. The new guide is part of that work. It gives homeowners the knowledge they need to make sure that they are getting the most from their hot water system.

Cylinder Servicing Tips for Home Owners

The new cylinder servicing guide for consumers is designed to equip homeowners with the knowledge they need to make sure that they are getting the best from their hot water system. From identifying the type of system you have at home to knowing when to get it your cylinder serviced, the guide gives you all the tips you need.

Key to maintaining your cylinder is making sure that you have a qualified person carry out any service, upgrade or replacement. The Homeowners Guide gives you a run-down on what your engineer should do when carrying out a service. From checking for damage to assessing the condition of expansion valves, the guide gives you an idea of what your engineer will look for and what they will check out, when servicing the cylinder.

Hot Water Association Best Practice Approach

The Hot Water Association is focussing on a best practice approach when it comes to looking after the needs of the domestic cylinder customer. Regular cylinder servicing from a qualified engineer is key when it comes to making sure you are getting the best from your hot water system. The new Homeowners Guide  sets out industry standards, legal compliance and consumer protection in an easy to read and straightforward way. It also educates consumers on the standards they should expect when an engineer services a cylinder in their home. The guide is the new go-to for home owners when it comes to cylinder servicing.

You can download the Homeowners Guide to Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Servicing here.

Manufacturer Manuals Key to Good Maintenance

The Hot Water Association is keen to let consumers know that “manufacturers’ instructions are an indispensable reference document whenever an unvented water heater service is undertaken” and advises to keep manuals in a safe place. ThermaQ customers can contact us any time and we’ll be happy to supply you with our product manuals.

About ThermaQ

We are a world class UK manufacturing company. We are focused on our relationships with our customers in the delivery of the highest quality hot water products, utilising the latest innovative technologies while providing excellence in customer service.

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Which Evocyl Hot Water Cylinder to Pick?

The ThermaQ Evocyl Range

We’ve balanced the need for top quality hot water cylinders with the need for affordability and Evocyl is the answer. At ThermaQ we use the most advanced water heating technology available and we develop some of our own too. Evocyl Cylinders use duplex stainless steel for maximum strength and the ability to resist corrosion. Using robotic technology, we’re able to make sure that the technical accuracy is second to none. Our cylinders also come with a 25 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. But which of the Evocyl range is best suited to the job?  Here’s a run down of the different Evocyl cylinders:

Evocyl Standard

The Evocyl Standard is designed to provide fast flowing hot water to one or multiple outlets. It’s also manufactured to guarantee quick recovery and to be more energy efficient than a usual cylinder. It also comes in sizes from 90L to 300L.

Evocyl Slimline

The clue’s in the name. With a diameter of only 475mm, the Evocyl Slimline is perfect for small spaces. A lot of older properties have smaller airing cupboards, as do a lot of flat conversions,  but it needn’t stop you have fast filling baths or good pressure in showers, as the Slimline gives you this, without the need to reconfigure existing spaces. It’s also a good way to save on building and plumbing expenses.

Evocyl Horizontal

For those awkward spaces, the Evocyl Horizontal offers increased siting options allowing larger storage capacities in areas that would not normally accommodate standard vertical cylinders.
All horizontal cylinders come with cradles too.

Evocyl Super Eco

The  Evocyl Super Eco comes as a response to our need to reduce our impact on the environment. We’ve increased the HCFC/CFC free insulation to 85mm, lowering the heat loss and reducing the amount of energy used by the cylinder, reducing fuel bills along the way. The Evocyl Super Eco can also help improve SAP performance in new build properties.

Evocyl Heatpump Cylinders

The Evocyl Heatpump Cylinder is as, you’d expect, designed for use with heatpumps. Purpose built to our exacting standards this cylinder meets the specific requirements of the market and our customers. It’s designed with a high efficiency heat exchanger to facilitate the transfer of the low temperature inputs of ground & air source heat pumps.

Evocyl Calorifier

The Evocyl Calorifier is designed for large volumes of hot water storage. Calorifiers are manufactured from high grade stainless steel with coil sizes to suit all applications and come supplied with money saving and highly accurate digital thermostats.

The Evocyl range of cylinders also comes with some pre-plumbed options.

You can also check out our Evocyl Air range, designed with environmental care and responsibility in mind.

About ThermaQ

ThermaQ manufacture all our domestic cylinders using Duplex stainless steel, here in the UK. Duplex has been selected against other materials such as copper, glass lined mild steel and lesser grades of stainless steel due to its substantially higher tensile strength and because it is a low carbon, high chromium content alloy. It allows units to be produced using thinner walls resulting in a lighter unit and offers a superior resistance to all forms of corrosion including, pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

We supply a range of hot water solutions for new builds and refurbishments alike.

You can contact us using our online form, by email or by calling +(44) (0)1924 270847 and one of our staff will be delighted to give you any information on our products.