The new standard in unvented hot water generation.

water storage tanks - Evocyl



  • Cylinder manufactured from high grade Duplex stainless steel – specially selected for its high strength and resistance to stress and crevice corrosion.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Flat base for additional stability
  • All plumbing connections are clearly identified and accessible at the front of the cylinder.
  • 22mm compression.
  • Primary heating coil for use with indirect systems.
  • Solar input coil for use with solar thermal panel systems.

High Performance

  • Totally insulated with 100% CFC-Free (ODP zero) polyurethane to minimise heat loss (50mm thick).
  • Long-life 3kW Incoloy immersion heater with integral thermostat and thermal cut-out.

Safety Controls

  • 1/2” temperature and pressure release valve operating at 90oC/7 bar.
  • Indirect thermal controls.

Evocyl units are fitted with immersion heaters as shown in
the table.

Long-life Titanium immersion heaters are also available on request. These are recommended in non-domestic or high use, multiple accommodation applications. 6kW & 9kW immersions can be specified on cylinders above 210 litres.

Immersion heater performance times may vary between manufacturers products of identical overall capacity due to variations in positioning the immersion heater affecting the volume of water heated.

Immersion heaters

Size Direct Indirect
60/90 Litre 1 x 3kW 1 x 3kW
120/150 Litre 2 x 3kW 1 x 3kW
180/210 Litre 2 x 3kW 1 x 3kW
250/300 Litre 2 x 3kW 2 x 3kW