Picking the Right Heating System for Your New Build

Picking the Right Heating System for Your New Build

Plan Your Heating from the Outset

Picking the heating system for your new build shouldn’t be an afterthought. One of the advantages of a new home is the blank canvas when it comes to design and layout. You’ve thought about the rooms, the type of kitchen you want and probably the decor; these things are important, but have you thought about how you’re going to heat your water and home? It’s important to see your heating as integral to the overall design of your home. You should incorporate it from the outset. Thinking about the right heating system can save you time and money. So what’s the right system for your house? Well, a lot of it depends on your current lifestyle and needs into the future. We take a look at some of the options and how to go about getting the right fit for your home.

Use a Domestic Heating Design

The first thing we recommend you do, before making your mind up about your hot water and heating system, is to work with a domestic heating designer. Your heating installer may already work with or have a domestic heating firm as a partner. Ask them about the heating design. A domestic heating design will put the heating system as a core part of your building project. A designer will create detailed CAD (computer aided design) drawings, showing where boilers, pipes or radiators are in the overall design of the building. You may want different heating zones in your home, with different settings and times for different parts of the house. A domestic heating designer can work with you and/or your installer to get the plan that suits you best. They will also work with other professionals in the creation of detailed plans for your home. This will save you time and unnecessary changes to layouts. Find out more about Domestic Heating Design.

Choosing Your Heat Source

There are a range of heating options you can choose for a new build, as you’re not constrained by existing structures or heat systems. You can also combine  Here are a few to look at, from how to heat your water to keeping warm underfoot.

Underfloor Heating

If you are at home for most of the day, underfloor heating can be a great option. It gives steady and consistent heat throughout the day. Once you’ve got your new heating system up and running, the savings can be substantial as good underfloor heating (UFH) system can work to its optimum at low water temperatures. it also gives you freedom to design your rooms and decor, free from having to work around where radiators are placed.

Heat Pumps

Home owners and installers are increasingly opting for new heat pump technology for new builds. Air source heat pumps, which extract heat from the outside environment and upgrade it to higher temperatures, are an option now recognised as efficient and less costly sources of heating. Next generation heat pumps are also smart phone compatible and benefit from remote monitoring for better service.

Solar Thermal

There are a few good reasons to think about installing solar panels for your home. Investing in solar thermal panels is a cost saving exercise in the medium term. Once you’re up and running you will be saving on your hot water bills. There is also the obvious good environmental impact of using solar. Once you use a registered and reliable installer, the process of installing the panels is straightforward and it’s cost effective. Of course, there is also the convenience of having low cost or free hot water at the ready. Find out more about our Evocyl Standard Cylinders, which include a solar version.

Radiators & Cylinder Types Matter

If you choose to have radiators throughout your home, make sure they are the most efficient they can be. One of the advantages of a new build is that you have the option to choose next generation rads which operate at low temperatures. Pick a radiator which has a very high output per section, at low temperatures. Picking the right cylinder also makes sense. Again, look for something which is recognised as having the best in production and energy efficiency. Always make sure that someone qualified is carrying out any installations in your home and where possible someone who has received training specific to the product you’re using. You can find out more about the ThermaQ Evocyl range of cylinders here.

No matter which type of heating or hot water system you plan on using, make sure to do some research on products and spend some time thinking about heating design. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

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