ThermaQ Evocyl Family

ThermaQ Evocyl

The New Standard in Hot Water Generation.

ThermaQ continue to drive new manufacturing technologies and design practices. Leading the way in the UK water heating market, we’re committed to fulfilling our customers’ requirements and with our wide product range we offer the very best in both domestic and commercial products.

water storage tanks - Evocyl

Delivering Quality

Ensuring excellence through our process

ThermaQ Evocyl range is the first choice for value while providing superior performance.

How do we guarantee our customers the best possible performance, quality and reliability, whilst ensuring our products provide powerful mains pressure showers and faster-filling baths, with maximum reliability and efficiency?

The answer is in our process. When developing the ThermaQ range of products we set about using the most advanced water heating technology available. When this doesn’t meet the high standards of performance, efficiency and reliability we insist upon, we develop innovative new technology of our own.

These advances come in many forms; Sophisticated Duplex stainless steel cylinder construction for maximum strength and corrosion resistance, manufacturing the cylinder with robots for efficiency and technical accuracy, CFC and HCFC free injected foam, as well as encasing the entire system for the best possible heat retention. To prove our confidence in this process, we provide every new Evocyl cylinder with a 25 year guarantee* against manufacturing defects.

Manufacturing our Cylinders

ThermaQ manufacture all our domestic cylinders using Duplex stainless steel. Duplex has been selected against other materials such as copper, glass lined mild steel and lesser grades of stainless steel due to its substantially higher tensile strength and because it is a low carbon, high chromium content alloy. It allows units to be produced using thinner walls resulting in a lighter unit and offers a superior resistance to all forms of corrosion including, pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

When welding our cylinders a backing gas is used to ensure deep welding penetration and a clean internal weld surface. This ensures the welded area has the same corrosion resistance and mechanical strength as the parent metal.

Once the welding process has been completed the cylinder is ‘pickled and passivated’, this involves coating all internal surfaces of the cylinder with a chemical solution followed by water flushing, restoring the chromium surface finish. This process restores the passive film to all welded areas providing protection against premature corrosion, ensuring the longest possible working life for every cylinder.

Our coil-in-coil heat exchanger is a technical triumph. Manufactured in-house from one single piece of stainless steel tube, this high efficiency heat exchanger allows the cylinder to heat all the way to the bottom of the cylinder.

  • Installer friendly design.
  • Standard units available from 60 – 600 litres
  • Bespoke units manufactured to your own design.
  • Full range of slim units available, 60L to 210L, featuring a diameter of only 475mm – one of the slimmest on the market.
  • A range of horizontal cased units.
  • High performance coil-in-coil heat exchanger manufactured by ThermaQ.
  • External expansion for reliability and flexible locations.
  • Full NSF-WRc product approval.
  • Vessel constructed from Duplex stainless steel for maximum strength and fully pressure tested.
  • Totally insulated with HCFC & CFC free foam.
  • Comprehensive controls and fixing kit from leading brands.
  • Digital cylinder stat for optimum control of domestic hot water temperature.
  • Compression fittings supplied on all Evocyl cylinders.
  • Minimum water supply 1.5 Bar, 20  Litres/ Min.
  • Stainless steel stat pocket guaranteed against corrosion.
  • All other cylinder components guaranteed for 2 years.
  • All units are pickled and passivated to ensure longer life.
  • 25 year fully transferable warranty*.