Thermal Stores Family

ThermaQ Thermal Stores

Introducing our Thermal Stores, providing cost effective mains pressure hot water for new or old system upgrades. Multiple energy sources can be connected by specifying your clients requirements; solar thermal coils, solid fuel and wood burners can all be combined into one bulk hot water store.

Thermal Stores have become increasingly popular over recent years as demands to become a greener society have introduced various cost effective renewable heating technologies which can only be installed using this type of product.

A thermal storage water cylinder works in reverse to a conventional domestic cylinder whereby the stored water is heated and drawn off to the taps. With a thermal store system the volume content of the unit is heated, which then transfers its energy via the heat exchanger to the mains pressure cold water passing through it. Hot water is therefore effectively provided on demand and at mains pressure.

The unit allows the stored water to be heated up by the secondary heating sources where it is held at between 75⁰C and 80⁰C, this temperature is considerably higher than other standard units as this heat is the power that drives the unit’s performance.

The heated water is stored in a well insulated cylinder, with 50mm of factory applied foam making it available for instantaneous use when required. Thermal stores contain a highly efficient internal heat exchanger, usually in the form of an extremely large coil that gives a considerable surface area which allows for quick heat transfer between the store and the mains pressure cold water.