ThermaQ Elite Touch

ThermaQ Elite Touch

When multi-point application is the first requirement.

The new generation of instantaneous water heaters - the Elite Touch is suitable for multi-point and single point applications where an instantaneous solution is required.

The new Elite Touch is the crown jewel of the ThermaQ Electric Water Heating range, providing the highest water flowrates and the highest power ratings of the new jrange in an aesthetically superb unit. Compact and wall mounted, the Elite Touch can provide to several water outlets in a property, making it an ideal, cost-effective solution to hot water cylinders & gas boilers in smaller dwellings, or supplement hot water demands in larger domestic properties.

Excellent flowrates, unlimited hot water and an adjustable temperature range via the LED display – making for one exceptional product.

  • Available in 7, 9 and 11kW options.
  • Patented multilayer heat exchanger technology reducing limescale build up.
  • High outputs of hot water for the size of the unit, offering excellent space saving opportunities.
  • Patented enclosed loop heating system.
  • Automatically set and maintain outlet temperature.
  • Large LED display offers users feedback on temperature whilst extending the life of the product.
  • Provides information on power and water consumption.
  • Automatic fault detection & energy usage via on-screen feedback.
  • ‘A’ banding on ErP energy saving directive.


Product Elite 7 Elite 9 Elite 11
Product Code EWH0010 EWH0011 EWH0012
Power (kW) 7 9 11
Recommended Cable Size 6.0mm2 6.0mm2 10.0mm2
Voltage (V) 220-240
Rated Current (A) 47.9
Overheat Protection 67⁰C
Thermal Cutout 90⁰C
Working Pressure 6 bar
Water Connections G 1/2"
Dimensions (mm) 360 x 215 x 60


It is important to remember that with all instantaneous electric water heaters the incoming cold mains temperature and the flow rate directly affect the temperature of the water coming out. If the water is too cold, decrease the flow at the taps. If it is too hot, increase the flow. Always choose the kW rating carefully and ensure that the rise and flow rates are acceptable for your application.