Electric Water Heating

ThermaQ Electric Water Heating

Excellence in Hot Water Technology

Welcome to ThermaQ's Electric Waterheating product range, that continues to drive new manufacturing technologies and design practices; always leading the way in the UK water heating market.

ThermaQ Designer Tap

Handwashing 45⁰C Electric Tap – Ideal for offices, workshops, garages etc

ThermaQ Midi

Small volume unvented water storage available in under or above sink variations, suitable for low or medium water consumption applications.

ThermaQ Touch

Instantaneous water heater with touch screen control panel – ideal for single-point of use applications.

ThermaQ Elite Touch

Large volume, wall hung vented hot water storage, suitable for high consumption applications.

Purchasable Extras & Additional Information

Unvented kits for the ThermaQ Midi, vented & unvented immersion heaters & information about the instantaneous range